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This is post about our trip to Tahoe.

Family blog post

Edit — adding to the story

Running is important to me. Period.

(test post)

Ryan Irwin, Yelp

Ryan Irwin is a Software Engineer (Data Infrastructure) at Yelp. Prior to joining Yelp, he was a Data Engineering Fellow at Insight. This post is part of our Day in the Life of Data series, where our alumni discuss the daily challenges they work on at over 200 companies.


[This is a test blog post moving from wordpress to medium, it’s a really old post.]

I dedicate this post to Insight Data Engineering. It’s a great program that brought me to California one year ago this week.

I’ve missed several months of blogging because of a new job, buying…

Designing a scalable production-worthy system is a huge challenge that requires a careful balance of developing extensible code that is fast enough for production and time-management of hitting milestones while avoiding pre-mature optimization and dirty hacks. Here the ways I like to think about developing a scalable system:

  1. Write prototype…

I’ve been learning different programming languages since the early 2000s. It can be tempting to clutch onto a language and use it no matter what. There are advantages to mastering a single language on a personal level and company level. However, the disadvantages include:

(1) not using new languages and…

The goal is to analyze historical real-estate listing data using data engineering tools, so I built a tool called Theft Market. I leverage Trulia’s API to gather their historic data. See Trulia’s developer page for an overview of their API.

To bootstrap the data pipeline, Theft Market repeatedly calls Trulia’s…

Ryan Irwin

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